QUALITY NOT SPEED...Encoding Before TOPAZ And With The Software

HELLO…I would like to share my encoding method befor using TOPAZ and using the software. if anyone is interested.
Before you start One of the first things is to look at is your machine…I was seeing rainbow colour pattens here and there…By upgrading my graphics card reduced that.
I now have a GeForce RTX 360. 12GB Memory.
Not RTX360 Ti With Only 8GB of Memory.
Runnig on INTEL 12Tth Gen with DDR5 6600MHz Ram.
Ripping Time for about 25mins…will take 18mins…with Proteus Auto.
(The Threadripper will give you a little more ripping speed)
The best way to rip your DVD is with MakeMKV. (There is a FREE trial version and then You will have to make a one time payment for this software)
This software let’s you rip to MKV but for best results you want to rip as
a iso…This gives you a LOSSLESS mirror image of the DVD.
I have found nearly all DVD’s have Deinterlacing Problems and if you don’t remove it you will see lot’s of line in your final footage.
I have found that TOPAZ will do the best job…That’s if you don’t mind your 1080p frame rate being between 50 & 60fps…I don’t They still play on evything Smoothly.
You can change the frame rate in TOPAZ but useing chronos i got a weird misty effect when it should have been a scene cross fade.
Not sure about Apollo.
If you want to chooes you frame rate then use Handbrake. It free Software.
For Pal iso rip with MakeMKV
For N.T.S.C. iso rip with Handbrake…WHY?
Becuse TOPAZ for some reason streches the MKV n.t.s.c. image a little…You can see it on 4:3 footage.
Choose Pro MAX with bit rate 13. NO filters. And mp4.
Why mp4…Because if you need to import you footage into a programme like Adobe Pro you can, but not if you encode to MKV.
Make sure you have set the right audio language and n.t.s.c. 29.97fps.
Do not leave it to auto because sometimes, most times it will encode to 23.976. You don’t want that. That will result in JERKY footage.
I have spent months trying every way to get the best results and I have
read all the feedbacks…And so this is the best i can offer.
For a Hi Quality bought out of the shop, Not a compressed copy DVD
Please not…Even a shop copy can suffer from poor encoding, so you may need to choose another setting.
The best TOPAZ model is Interlaced DDV.
So just click Interlaced…Nothing Else.
You may want to add a little grain…Remember your frame rate will be between 50 and 60fps.
I tryed this with STAR TREK VOYAGER n.t.s.c.
The Pal DVD has some very bad encoding on the pilot episode and some others.
I split the episide into 2 sections LIVE ACTION Interlaced and CGI Proteus auto or what ever looks best…Then assemble it in Adobe Pro.
I then encoded the 5.1 audio to 59.97fps. in Handbrake…and replaced the stereo track with it.
Same as before…Drop the Quality down to the lowest. you only want the audio…Check that the audio is 320 or higher and passthrough.
I have found that in and out putting the footage to many times can loose depth of field and Quality…So my object is to use one or 2 programmes like MakeMKV once and TOPAZ once and then if needed Adobe to edit.
Don’t over think it…Keep it simple.
I hope this is helpful to some, other will have their own way.
Are you having problems backing up your 4K collection.
Have you bought a drive that say’s it can, but can’t.
Are you having problem’s Flashing you drive.
Then your F###ed.
No, No, Sorry.
All you need is-
archgon Star UHD External 4K-Ultra HD BD Player, Blu-ray BDXL Burner for PC USB 3.0 USB-C, M-Disc, Tray Load Disc Drive, Protection Box, Aluminum Black. from Amazon.
This Is A pioneer Drive, It’s just been rebranded.
And the MakeMKV softwere and that’s it…No flashing needed just plug and play.


If the DVD is interlaced bottom field first, transcoding it with ffmpeg with -r at the corrected frame rate does a really good job. If it’s top field first, well that’s where you have to find a good deinterlacer.

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Pal is top field and n.t.s.c. is bottom field.
The Images above are Pal top field.
So i think TOPAZ do a very good job on auto setting.
I myself think that you only need MakeMKV and Handbrake.
Adding more software to the mix means putting the footage through

I wish digital videos were this simple. There are exceptions to every rule. If you have several DVDs, chances are a small number of them will need some special treatment. Like the wide-screen put in a full-screen format, or differently interlaced, and so on.

You don’t need to pay for MakeMKV because it’s a free tool. The free trial expires when there is a new version available, just download and install the new one and go…

  • All features (including Blu-ray decryption and processing) are free during BETA.

I would love to be able to Keep it simple but the perfectionist in me don’t let me do it :roll_eyes:

Anyway… Thanks for sharing your workflow with us :100:

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@monsterlinx2 this is incorrect.
I have two PAL camcorder and one generates BFF (TRV-45E) movies and the other generates TFF (HDR-XR500E / 520E) movies.

I have also NTSC camcorders and it also generates TFF (HDR-SR11) movies and another generates BFF (TRV-310) movies. I also have an NTSC Panasonic (HC-X920) and it generates TFF movies.
so I would not relay on this statement at all.

To me it looks like more HD movies are TFF and SD movies are BFF based on my camcorders.

I’m not talking about camcorders…I’m talking about DVD image…So i wouldn’t really relay on this statement.

Hi and thanks for the guide.
You can also.
Use tsMuxerGUI to convert VOB lossless to m2ts
or even Topaz can take vob if only a scene is wanted.
Concerning the “HD BD Player”
most tv’s today can play the mp4/Prores outputs straight from their USB-input on the side.
In that case, for me, i got the built in upscaler to 4k who gives that extra icing on the cake.

Hi…The guide is for people who are struggling a bit, just to help them get started with settings that work and give a good look, (not perfect) on playback.
I’m still learning stuff all the time…The feedback on here is very helpful.

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Another interesting bit of FREE ripping software is SHRINK 3.2
It will let you rip the who DVD or you can pick a section with in & out points and
Export as one whole VOB block, instead of one block sections.