Pushing the limits: Gigapixel on a 2008 computer!

We all know A.I. Gigapixel is demanding in terms of computer resources. I personally haven’t had any trouble running it on my 2013 MacBook Air (where many of the examples in my blog came from), or on a 2011 build “Hackintosh”.

I got the idea to install Gigapixel on a decade-old 2008 MacBook Pro with 4 gigs RAM, running a modified version of macOS Mojave (which it also shouldn’t be able to run), and it worked! Not slowly either. Pretty cool.


Interesting info and I haven’t upgraded to Mojave because I didn’t meet the system requirements that Apple posted. I may have to re-think about that now?

See here:

I did this on the 2008 and also a 2010 MBP, no problem. I updated the 2008 in place, I wiped the 2010 which approach worked better for that one.

PS: Be aware you might lose wi-fi on the laptops.

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Thanks for the info and link details.