Punta Carretas Shopping Center - Montevideo, Uruguay

this lovely shopping center used to be a maximum security prison. in the picture we see the main arch that is about 30 meters tall and 15 meters wide (about 98 feet tall and 49 feet wide) used to be the arch that sepparated the prison entrance from the administrative buildings. now in 1994 was all recycled into a big shopping center. in the underground parking lots there are still original jailcells used as storage room for the food courts. and of course its filled with paranormal activity specially the mondays all doors open and close by itself. and there are areas current security wont go in no matter what. plus from time to time it has been set itself on fire some areas. where the worse criminals where hold.


No sabía lo del shoppig ! Gracias! :slight_smile: Saludos desde Maldonado.

busca “penal punta carretas” ahi tendras toneladas de informacion :slight_smile:

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And it still could be if they lock the doors. :open_mouth: Kind of neat though.