Public presets

will we, using topaz studio 2, have access to public presets (looks) as we did in topaz studio 1? There were many great presets created which we no longer have access to.


I also enjoyed having access to Community generated presets or looks.

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Agreed and perhaps some tree like way to sort these


From what I understood from today’s webinar…probably coming down the road, but in a different form.

Yeah, we have some designs on the table for it. The main goal is to make it:

  1. Opt-in (Don’t automatically download the entire internet to your machine)
  2. Easy To Search, Navigate, and Share

Great idea. I would think there are at least a few like me who save and use their own presets, but would rarely use the majority of public ones.


I like the idea of being able to view public presets and download only the ones you would like to use.

Do you think it would be useful for you to do a short post on agile development and release? I think this might help people understand how the process works and how it is different than the older big bang release.

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Even the most prolific of public preset users will not be able to keep up with supply. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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As someone who usually starts each image using different Topaz tools, I really like the idea of only downloading the few presets that I ever use. When I migrated my TS1 presets I found that of 90 or so. I would perhaps want to save five or six. Anything that can be done to help me try to attempt to start to begin to get organized is appreciated.

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