Public Art Award

I submitted an image to The Bremerton, WA Arts Commission using the Topaz Glow adjustment. The Arts Commission will be using the image to wrap a utility cabinet at Burwell and Callow in Bremerton. I’m very excited to have Electric Starfish used as public art in Bremerton. I just wanted to share my results using Topaz Studio.


I’m proud of you. I’m over here in Seattle, but I generally know the area you are talking about. It will give you a smile every time you pass by it, and no one has too many smiles in a day. Congratulations.

Congratulations, I’ll have go over sometime when I am in the area,

Congratulations and Welcome!

Congrats …well done.

Congratulations Don.

Well done, congratulations …

Thanks for the feedback. I will make another entry when it gets installed

Congratulations, Don! Welcome to the forum.