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Since bring actors into the studio is, and has been on hold, for “The Wishing Shawl” I used my original photographic portrait of my grandmother, combined with some old black & white, restored, and colorized prints from the family photo album. The image in hand was from a (postage stamp sized) newspaper clipping about my grandmother’s placement in a beauty pageant, and the images left and right were taken at Sol. Young Studios circa 1920’s.

Copyright1982-2021LeslieAbromovitzGrandMotherSolYountMatSmall Sol%20Young%20Studios%20Mat%20Back

Sol. Young opened his first photographic studio in Union Square, New York in 1893, and here is a list of the studio locations, as show on the back of the photo mat, I have:

40 West 34th St., N.Y.
107-129 W 125th St., N.Y.
985 Lexington Ave., N.Y.
1807 Amsterdam Ave., N.Y.
474 Tremont Ave., Bronx
23 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn
850-2 Broadway, Brooklyn
157 Newark Ave., Jersey City
923 Broad St., Newark
1622 Chestnut Street., Phila.
543 S. Salinas. St. Syracuse, NY.
19 East Ave, Rochester, N.Y.
2 N. Broad St., Trenton, N.J.
197 Market St Paterson, N.J.
129 Wall St. Bridgeport, Conn.
803 Chapel St Newhaven, Conn.

I have found the following three webpages containing information on Sol. Young Studios:

  1. Photos, Biography, and References on the Photo-Sleuth blog here:

  2. Some Photos and studio locations on the International Center of Photography’s Website here:

  3. Some Photos and a brief Bio at the bottom of this page on RootsWeb :

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