PTTB The Salesman


Since bring actors into the studio is on hold, for “The Salesman”, I have once again resorted to my family’s photo album. Here we a have my grandfather from an old black and white snapshot, circa early 50’s, colorized and combined with some older (Circa early 1920’s), restored, and colorized prints. The only studio shot seems to be the severely damaged family portrait, which might be the work of Sol Young Studios (I can’t be sure of that) Circa 1926.

The Salesman Version 001 - I used the colorized photographic portrait of my grandfather, combined with some other old, semi restored toned prints from the family album. It can be found on my website:

The fully restored photo for The Grand Father, can be found on my website:

The fully restored photo for Once Upon A Time? can be found on my website:

The restored photo for A Portrait of Nan, can be found on my website: