PTTB Phoning Home on All Hallows' Eve

I sculpted some stuff. I did leave the portal open. This fellow from the other dimension was trying to phone home but wasn’t getting any cell reception. He crossed over here, while looking for a landline. When I found him, he was on the phone, and naturally, I proceeded to send him back, where he belonged. Well what happen is … you know how in Chaldean Numerology it’s 2, but in Pythagorean Numerology it’s 1? And, the harmonics of the strings must vibrate at … this technical stuff is hard to explain. Let me think. Have you ever seen the movie, “The Fly”? Well, it’s like that. My bad; so, I took his picture. I did some stuff, to the picture, and I posted it here. Some details provided.

Topaz Labs: A.I. Clear, Studio HSL Color Tuning, Glow, Simplify, Impressions, Adjust.
JixiPix: Hallows Eve.
Corel: PhotoPaint and CorelDraw.

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