Provide A "No Glasses" Face Recovery Switch

Some models are more prone than others to create glasses out of nothing. It would be nice if we could just let the model know in the beginning not to try adding any. Perhaps add a “No Glasses” toggle switch? Alternatively there could be a specific model to choose from that is trained without glasses.

I have various old family portraits from the 1890s where I know that no one was wearing glasses. The current set of models (in version 1.2) all want to add on a pair of glasses here and there (or sometimes even just one lens, but not a true monocle) based on something they think might hint at glasses in the original.

I can hand edit the phantom glasses back out in post, but that is very time consuming.

The next complication to really get this right is that images with multiple faces would need to have a “No Glasses” toggle per face.