Proteus V4

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In recent days, we have heard a lot about Proteus V4 to the point that rumors suggested a release for Tuesday of this week.

Would it be possible to know more about the improvements that will be brought by this V4 compared to the current version?
Any comparisons between the two?


I don’t know about release date , but I understands it is aimed more to Lower quality videos.
I am not sure I am allowed to revile the mission statement of Proteus 4, but think of it being a Hybrid between Proteus and Iris.


This sounds appealing to me, as I upscale old VHS boxing videos, and with IRIS, I find gives better facial detail, it doesn’t have the vibrancy that Proteus gives.

Thank you for your reply. When you say it’s a hybrid between Iris and the current Proteus, reassure me it’s not about eye enhancement?
Because Iris tends to want to recreate the eyes sometimes and the result is not always successful.

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yes, it is about eye enhancement. :slight_smile:

I think: proteus v3 < iris < proteus v4 :slight_smile:

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So for you Proteus v4 is the winner out of the three?

yes I find, given that it keeps the most details but causes tingling, I use proteus 4 in x1 and iris lq in hd, and in this case it is the best because in addition to that proteus v4 repairs better artifacts too

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Thank you for all this information. And what about the artificial grain that Proteus has been adding randomly until now?
I’m talking about this:

I didn’t have any such artifacts even with a single pass with proteus 4

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me neither

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