Proteus setting

Hello, can someone share a screenshot of their settings on Proteus for DVD at 1080p and for 1080p at 4k? I tried several settings on my side but I see that it failed and it makes me ugly. thank you to those who will share their settings

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As a fellow beta tester, you should really already know this: there are no boilerplate settings for upscaling source material. Best advice: don’t use ‘auto’, but work off the ‘Estimate’ values, and tweak those. Also, do an ‘Estimate’ at various points inside the movie, to get a good sense of what may be needed.


Please your screenshots thanks

Okay i see, nobody want help me.

I venture to guess, probably for the same reason I mentioned: there are no boilerplate settings for upscaling source material (if there were, they’d be baked into the program). People posting screenshots of their settings would pretty much be a pointless endevour – and, worse, likely not even help you at all, as source material quality and type widely vary, of course.

If I were you, I’d go it the other way around: post screenshots of your output/source yourself, explain what you did so far, and ask others to help you fine-tune your settings.

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