Proteus Fine Tune Equivalent for Video AI version 4

In the Video AI support docs it mentions, Proteus Fine Tune. For example under the User Guides… Upscale Low Quality to HD.

But in the Video AI version 4 interface… What is the equivalent for Proteus Fine Tune in version 4 of Video AI . Since all I see under AI Models is Proteus - Enhance MQ.

General enhancement model that allows fine-tuning several parameters for optimal results.

Excels when reducing noise when working with low to medium-quality footage

To be simple,
Low quality video, use Artemis LQ or Iris- LQ
Medium quality video, use Proteus or Iris-MQ

Both Proteus and Iris, allow you to fine tuning parameters.
Iris has face enhancement, while Proteus do not.

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Your own documentation references a setting (AI model) called Proteus Fine Tune. But your new version of Video AI (version 4) does not have that option for AI model.

For example this support page (Upscale Low Quality to HD) references, Proteus Fine Tune In the second paragraph:

I quote from that page:
“For low-quality files, we recommend using Artemis Low Quality. If the results are not as expected, switch to Medium Quality or Proteus Fine Tune.”

So What is the equivalent AI Model of Proteus Fine Tune AI model in Video AI version 4?

That’s why I was asking “what is the equivalent of Proteus Fine Tune AI model in Video AI 4?”

Since your user guides seem to be referencing the Proteus Fine Tune AI model that I only see in Video AI version 3. Video AI 4 does not have the AI model called Proteus Fine Tune. which is why I wanted to know what would I use in place of that since it doesn’t exist in Video AI 4, The only Proteus AI model option is Proteus Enhanced MQ.

I appreciate your help with this.


Proteus - Enhance MQ (name) in TVAI v4 is the same Proteus v3 AI model that was under the older name of Proteus Fine Tune in TVAI v3


They renamed the naming of Proteus. unfortunately it is known that Topaz documentation is very poor in general and not up to date. it is hard for them i guess to catch up on the documentation with all the product updates they release. this is not a new issue.
you should not relay to much on the documentation as a lot of it is obsolete.



Thank you very much for your explanation! That clarifies things a great deal!


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In fact, it is very simple.

The AI model is called Proteus (v1, v2, v3).
The words after the AI model are just description, those description change all the time.

This is the list in V3
スクリーンショット (126)

Before, Iris was released, Proteus was the only model that allowed fine tuning many parameters. That is why they add “Fine tune” in the description. But now, Iris is released and it also allow Fine Tune parameter, that is why they change the description.

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Thanks you.

Yeah because I enabled the older AI models and Video AI 4. And I saw they had v1, v3, v3… but I sure what they actually meant for what the difference was between them. Since on YouTube I see various videos of Video AI but it’s basically version 3. And they have those names that you’re showing in your screenshot. I do wish they had parentheses on what the descriptive name represents like your Video AI version 3 drop-down list.

But much appreciated for the clarification!


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