Proper i9 12900K support

While I am very impressed with the new VEAI 3.03 (seems like you guys really listened to the community), I would like to request proper i9 12900K support. Allow me to explain:

The i9 12900K sports 8 Performance Cores, plus 8 Efficiency Cores. However, when you let VEAI run unchecked, very soon all E-Cores become fully saturated, leaving the P-Cores nearly idle. (This happens when you parallelize a task, in equal chunks, and spread them over all cores. As a result, the the P-Cores will start to drop as good as idle, waiting for the E-Cores to finish).

So, is there a way VEAI could create more clever threads? Ones that take the particular hybrid nature of the i9 12900K into account. (This goes for the i9 13900K as well, of course). Currently, the fastest way to run VEAI is to keep the 8 E-Cores ‘parked’ (aka, not in use), so all 8 P-Cores can all run in sync. Seems like a waste to not avail oneself of 8 extra E-Cores. (Perhaps relegate certain subtasks to the E-Cores, when i9 12900K aware?)

Thank you.

i have the same problem. Effective method for handbreak, even if you raise the priority, only E core will be used.
I would like to know how to improve

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Yes, I use the P-Cores only trick with x265 as well. :slight_smile: