Proper color management is necessary and overdue

Wouldn’t proper color management in this app greatly benefit the output?

The whole point of color management is to standardize color reproduction across various recording and playback devices. With that in mind, it makes sense to implement it in Topaz Video AI. The color shift has long been an issue with Topaz products, and I’m guessing that’s partly due to nonstandard inputs.

To ensure color consistency, I think that Topaz should support nondestructive OCIO profiles for major color spaces so that the AI can work on a standardized linear input. That way no matter if your footage is Rec.709, Blackmagic Film Gen 5, V-Log, etc. it will always behave the same and make the same relative alterations.

Yes, I could linearize my footage prior to importing it into Topaz, however, I don’t know of a way to do this losslessly (or near-losslessly) without generating ludicrously large files. The only format I know of that supports 32-bit float is EXR, and although there are lossless compression options for it, the files are huge. Beyond all of that, I don’t know what the models were trained on. Any color management revamp would have to come with a training revamp.

If I’m totally off-base, let me know. Thanks to the team for this really cool application! It’s come in handy many a time.