Promotional DeNoise AI email upgrade pricing not reflected in checkout price

Promotional email on 20210324_2147 offers Upgrade for $49, yet checkout shows $67+. What gives, and what’s with the requirement to access from Gmail account?

Are you sure the higher number is not for the upgrade “combo” (2+ products) and not single product? (If not, something is odd).

Also, afaik, you should also be able to use the coupon UPGRADE15 through today (Friday).

The $67 figure is 15% off the $79 “regular” upgrade price. Here’s the promo text I see:

While making this reply I went back to look at the browser tab where the offer was shown, clicked in it and it changed to show the $49 offer discounted by 15%. It also presented me with an across the board (all products) upgrade pricing offer for little more than the Denoise offer. I took that… I don’t know what was going on, but I’m not complaining. Strange…

I suspect you were looking at the New Purchase cost of the product and then it went and checked if you already own the product. Please notify support about this issue.