Progress indicator

What happened to the progress indicator shown as a line- bottom left of page. Much better than the small circle top right of the page

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I agree. Most of the updates to the program have been welcome, but it would be nice if we could settle on a UI layout instead of changing that with every update as well. The new progress indicator is too small considering the amount of time we spend waiting.

Thanks for your feedback.

We moved the progress indicator so all the information is located consistently and it frees up some space for UI fixes we want to add to the filmstrip.

We appreciate this insight though and will keep it in mind as we develop future iterations.

Why has the progress bar in the bottom left been replaced by a tiny circular icon next to the preview image. It’s very hard to see, please bring back the old one.


We’ve moved the progress indicator to be consistent with the location of other settings and make space for a new UI change coming soon that’ll make batch processing more intuitive.

Thanks for understanding.

I just did the update, and this is now horrible. I don’t even see any small circular progress indicator at all - nothing! And then when the image finally does reveal the changes, the sharpening is horrible. It is basically unusable.