Progress bar not visible

Using version 1.5.0 as a plug-in from Photoshop. No progress bar at all. The update info stated that it was re-positioned to the right but it is just not visible at all.

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@RafaelAviles Thanks for your question.

Under the mini-preview in the top right corner, there will be a green circle with a checkmark in it as well as “Preview Updated” when Autopilot finishes running. While it’s running, it’ll display the filter that’s currently processing.

I see it now. Thanks! I missed that completely.

Hmm, found it eventually – the preview bar at the bottom left was better, more intuitive. Please don’t catch the M$ dieses of fiddling with the interface for no useful reason, The interface worked in the 1.3 version. I would rather your efforts went to improving the performance than pointless cosmetic interface fiddling just to show that you have done something.

How do you know the changes are pointless? It could have been done for a reason other than M$ and we have had quite a few iterations since v1.3.x.

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You’re right, @AiDon.

We changed it to keep the location of image settings consistent as well as free up space for a new feature that will live where the Preview Updated status used to be.