Program Updates

Is there a place to download updates only, without having to what appears redownloading the entire program. It takes me over an hour to download an update. This seems strange since most all other programs I have that need updates only download the changed files not the whole very large programs. I just purchased 5 of the Topaz programs and 2 days later 3 want updating and are taking just as long to do this as to get the whole program. Kinda strange but great products so far with my very short time using and testing their capabilities.


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I agree! These updates and downloads are just too big and slow for me as well. The AI ones are taking 3 to 4 hours each and I pray the server doesn’t time out and crash the download requiring me to start over.

My download speed is only 1 MBPS due to me being too far from the “switch” so it’s slow overall. I used a cellphone as a Hot Spot to download into Windows 10 which works better, but I go a text message from T-Mobile as I was at 80% of their allowed data using “Hot Spot” for downloads and would be throttled down to 128 KBPS which is even slower. (Think AOL dial-up 56 KBPS modems.), It would cost me a small fortune to expand my Hot Spot cellphone plan to cover the Topaz AI updates.

They really do need to download the important stuff with the installer and not the entire program as it appears to be doing now. Not everyone is in an area with 100 MBPS speeds due to rural locations or too far from the “switch” (or line amplifier?). Some of this may be due to all the kids doing virtual schooling and tying up the wiring/cable lines as Zoom did crash out bad, but the AI downloads are still too big and take a long time regardless.

I’ll come back in 2 hours and 20 minutes and see if it finished Sharpen AI, or start all over if the server timed out. Ugh!

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It’s a feature of Topaz AI. Continual updates getting longer and longer to complete.

I have a fast internet where it only takes about three minutes to download and install but I agree there are too many updates. I understand that some need to fix critical problems. The problem is even if Topaz can tell which files have been changed by the update (after compiling) this would apply only to an update one level up from the previous version and I’m not sure they can tell. If someone was updating from two or more versions ago the new partial download might not include files that were previously changed. So they download the whole program to make sure everything works together.

You do have the option of not updating each time. Maybe do it once a month. It would be nice to be able to switch off the nag and you can change your wifi to airplane mode which will stop it temporarily but also stop internet. Its easy to switch on and off.