Program crashes

Program constantly crashes while scrolling image or panning image. It’s just crashes

What version of Gigapixel are you using? Also, does your machine meet the Gigapixel system requirements?

I have the same problem. Using 7.0.1, 32GB RAM, RTX 3070, latest drivers. The crashes happen when I change the AI model and/or pan the image to see the results.

Ok, Looks like I found how to solve the problem. Didn’t test it a lot but works fine for some time. I’ve switched to GPU not Auto at preferences.
Also some strange thing - I got 1 GPU but it shows 2 (wish i do…), but I do have 2 monitors - may be that’s why it shows it.
Anyway - try it may be it’ll work for you too.

It’s latest one version and all requirement is ok)

Looks like switching from auto to GPU solved the problem for me too. No crashes so far. So there must be a bug that crashes the program when the AI processor is selected automatically.

BTW In preferences it shows 2 GPUs for me too. Have only one monitor and GPU so it’s not that:)

This is great news. Thanks for this information.

I’m glad to hear that you guys are up and running again!