Products to use with iPhone images

Hi there all, I have used Topaz products for many years now, and have moved over to the Studio products.
I have in the past shot with a Nikon D800 in Raw and Topaz is great for adding that extra to the mix.
Of late I have been doing more and more with my IPhone 8+, especially when on. Overseas trips.
I have noticed that while the quality of Jpgs is pretty awesome, it can deteriorate in low light, or when doing zoom shots. Put those two situations together and quality deteriorates.
My question is can any of the new AI products help recover these images? I have been overseas in a Thailand for the last 6 weeks with only my iPhone. I have thousands of shots, but many of them won’t stand scrutiny under enlargement.
Thanks … Steve

Hi Steve, nice to see you were visiting where I live. There are a couple of things you can try.

One thing that springs to mind is JPEG to RAW where you can produce a DNG or TIFF from the JPEG images and you will have a wider dynamic range to work on.

Then, if necessary, you can use Sharpen AI to get rid of any softness or focus issues or even any camera shake before using AI Clear to get rid of any noise.

Of course you can then use Studio to complete the final processing and even AI GigaPixel to enlarge the images to the size you want.

Remember that all the products give a 30 day trial so you can try at your leisure.

Hi Don, thanks for the quick reply.
Firstly where are you located in Thailand? (I assume that is what you are referring to :laughing:). We are in Chiang Mai for the next 10 or so days, before heading back to Australia. Have been in Thailand this time for about 6 weeks.
When I get back to Australia, I will try the Jpg to Raw, and AI Sharpen.
There’s a fair bi5 of recovery to do in some of the images, but if it works will be worth the money.
Tried AI Gigapixel, but needed to give it a better trial…any chance Topaz can extend my trial period when I get back.
Thanks again Don…
Cheers Steve

Hi Steve, I own an apartment in Bangkok and will be back from Australia next week.

I think you will find that Sharpen AI will help with the recovery from just sharpening ‘soft’ images to stabilizing images with camera shake and correcting the focus of images. There is a 30 day trial available.

Just raise a support request to see what they say, but remember AI GigaPixel is for resizing images.

Cheers, Don

Hi Don…
Thanks once again for the prompt reply. :smile:
Bangkok huh… I enjoy it in small doses, then love to escape north. Man isn’t that new Icon Siam centre truly amazing… one day I may have a chat with you re living in Thailand…but this is not the time and place for that :scream:
The main issue I am faced with in my Jpgs is the loss of data because of either digital zooming or low light … so it will be trial and error to see what can be achieved. I think some shots will be too far gone, but others may be saveable.
Part of my strategy with zoomed images has been to take a wider view (and thus less zoomed ) of the scene with a view to later cropping the image and attaining the zoom that way, rather than digitally. This is where ai hope AI Gigapixel comes in. This is what I do with my Nikon D800…obviously it works well with those images because they are raw and 36 megapixels in size…and the D800 is very good in low noise.
Anyway will see how it goes… will lodge a ticket to see if I can get an extension.
Thanks once again Don…safe trip home to Thailand
Cheers Steve