Product overlaps - JPEGtoRAW vs Gigpixel, and others

I’m new to Topaz products and have been using Gigapixel. I notice that it will allow me to save my enlarged jpegs to TIFF etc. Does JPEGtoRaw do a lot better job at this conversion? That is, if I already have Gigapixel, is there a need to also use JpegToRaw?
In general, which products have enough overlap that using both is less important? (I’m thinking DeNoise, Sharpen, GigaPixel and JpegtoRaw).

See the proposed workflow here …

Gigapixel will often remove Jpeg artifacts. It doesn’t work on some close up (mostly face) portraits. If you think that Jpeg to RAW may be better on some pictures, give the trial a try on those. I didn’t find it to be much help but it may be picture dependent.

Well, I think Gigapixel alone does a great job in terms of removing compression artifacts, sharpen edges and keeping/improving details. I tested Jpeg to Raw but found no real benefit for me personally. In Gigapixel on the other hand you have always to enlarge or shrink the size because there is currently no option to just produce an improved 100 % size image via Gigapixel.

There is, just set the scale to 1.0

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I think I tried that but it did not want to accept that. Maybe in the latest version it changed. Have to test it again. Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

The workflow suggestion really helps, but it doesn’t tell me how much the overlap is between different programs. Both Gigapixel and JpegtoRaw have denoise and sharpening features, and can create ‘raw’ images from jpegs, so what I’m really curious about is “how much better” the ‘specialty’ programs do than the other ones.

JPEGtoRAW doesn’t include sharpening and denoise but instead focuses on removing JPEG compression artifacts, which occur as a result of saving an image in the JPEG format, improving the detail.

Typically you would user JPEGtoRAW to remove artifacts and restore detail in compressed JPEGs by creating a lossless TIF output.