Product Direction in 2024

I would now return to the general introductory topic of the “Roadmap.” What if Topaz also shared something about its ideas? Topaz Photo AI released two versions of 2.4.x, not met with universal enthusiasm according to the posts here. I too went back to TPAI 2.3.2. I’ve always wished I didn’t have to constantly look for other alternatives, the Topaz AI tools (even before the redirect to TPAI) looked promising (for my needs). I used Denoise AI and Sharpen AI, sometimes Gigapixel AI. The first two tools mentioned remained without further development. A pity. Yesterday I received an offer again for the upgraded Gigapixel v. 7.0.4, for $59 (I have the old version 6.3.3). But why buy it if I have no idea if it would end up as both individual DAI and SAI tools? For the money? The promised “master branch” of TPAI has taken a strange turn, it’s being patched, and what’s next? I’m definitely not going to pay such high amounts for the unpredictable development of TPAI. Sure it suits some, that’s fine, but not me, starting with the changed UI and ending with the bugs. I would expect improvements from development and updates. Does Topaz even have its own “Roadmap” or is it just trying to extract something from users willing to contribute here? Even the TPAI was pretty good, for my modest needs for sure. For example, I would like to be able to edit only parts of the photos (for example, the selected “subject,” adjust brightness and contrast for it in addition to sharpness, and blur its background, etc.). Instead, I watch holes being patched with other holes. It’s really not worth the money to me. I have to say again: It’s a pity, but what can I do – probably look for an alternative, without knowing more about the Topaz intentions (and reliability to maintain a chosen direction).

Looking forward very much to improved quality models. That is my #1 concern. It’s still not possible to upscale a somewhat pixelated 480p video to a crisp 1080p and not have everything looked smoothed over.

I use Both Daily too But HDR in Video would be nice too.HDR 10 Basically Has 2 Values.

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Can you please add the model to the export name?

NOW: …enhance
BETTER: …enhance-HQ (or standard or lowrez…)