Processing image with CLI crashes

When I try processing an image with tpai.exe CLI in CMD, the process crashes with the following output:

C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Photo AI>tpai.exe “C:\Users\music\OneDrive\Daten\Temp\output1.jpg”
Checking if log directory should be pruned. Currently have 11 log files.
Number of logs exceeds max number to keep ( 10 ). Cleaning excess logs.
Logger initialized
Application settings:
Overwrite Files: 0
Recurse Directories: 0
Input File Count: 1
Output Folder: Source folder
Output Format: Preserve
Jpeg quality: 95
Png compression level: 2
Tiff compression: none
Tiff bit depth: 16
Autopilot settings:
Face Detection: auto
Face Strength: 80
Sharpen Blurs: medium,high
Auto Upscaling Type: auto
Auto Upscaling Factor: 2
Default Subject Type: Subject
ExifTool loaded!
Warning: failed to load, something strange about this perl…
[ WARN:0@1,941] global C:.conan\918058\1\source_subfolder\modules\core\src\matrix_expressions.cpp (1334) cv::MatOp_AddEx::assign OpenCV/MatExpr: processing of multi-channel arrays might be changed in the future: core: inconsistency of addition for multi-channel Mat and Scalar · Issue #16739 · opencv/opencv · GitHub
Error | Unknown scale mode: “”
Error | AIEngine setup failed for “ghq” on device -2
Error | AI Engine Load Exception: Could not load model
Error | [CLI] Engine returned error: “Could not load model”

2023-07-11-14-56-4_ERROR_CLI.tzlog (60.8 KB)

The error occurs with any image.

Topaz Photo AI v1.4.0 on Windows

Please update Topaz Photo AI to v1.4.2 which was released today and let me know if you are still seeing this error with the CLI.

There is a potential fix for it.

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