Processing from Lightroom Classic

When sending a RAW to Photo AI using Plug-in extras, the DNG is returned with the same name (e.g.: _MG_12345.dng) and the following mention in History: “Imported (date and time)”.
When sending a any picture Edit in > Topaz Photo AI, the TIFF is returned with an altered name (e.g.: _MG_12345-Edit.tif),
and no mention in History at all.
I would prefer in both cases: Edited in Photo AI (date and time). That’s what LrC does with PS: Edited in Adobe PhotoShop (date and time).
This way, we would know when it was processed in Photo AI, in Sharpen AI, Denoise AI, PhotoShop etc.
Processed with Photo AI - DNG
Edited in Photo AI - TIFF
Edited in Adobe PhotoShop

@thierry.hoornaert Thanks for your insights.

I’ve noted this down for further discussion with my team.

It would also be useful to keep a record of which settings were used

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I see, so you can refer back and make further edits accordingly.

Good idea
To show the Topaz Photo AI settings in LrC, I can imagine 3 ways:

  • in the History import record as mentioned above
  • in the returned file’s name, instead of *-Edit => *-TP-DSUFT.tif
    as for Denoise/Sharpened/Upscaled/Face Recovery/Text
  • in a more elaborate form in LrC’s keywords List (Library). :slight_smile:
    N.B.: did you know that DXO found a way to go back and forth from LrC to its NIK add-ins, continuing from the previous settings? It would be great, if Topaz products could do that!
    Thanks to the Topaz Labs team for being attentive
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We try our best to continue improving our app based on user feedback and insights!

It would be nice if Topaz kept the crop from Lightroom, as there are many more ways to crop in Lightroom. Any chance of that? Thanks.

Use Edit in Photo AI and set the output as TIFF.

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Indeed: use Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photon AI.
Plug-in Extras > Process with Topaz Photo AI works on the original uncropped and unretouched RAW photo.

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Make sure to use Edit In > Topaz Photo AI rather than Edit In > Edit In Topaz Photo AI (we know this is unintuitive, we’re trying to fix it)

What do you mean by that?

There are two workflows that will appear in the menu. Please use the one that says exactly “Edit In > Topaz Photo AI”

All develop module settings from Lightroom are preserved in the saved DNG file from Toaz Photo AI, EXCEPT crop. It’s a complete pain. How can all other settings be inherited but not crop? Also - opening more than one image from Lightroom by the preferred method (File > Plugin Extras > Process in Topaz Photo AI) always crashes on my MacBook Pro (M2).