Processing Fails to Complete?

The issue of VEAI failing to complete video processing applies to earlier versions of VEAI, but includes two instances under VEAI V 3.2.0 very recently.

I’m processing a video with VEAI V 3.2.2 as I’m typing this post. We’ll see if there are issues with this version of VEAI as well.

From observation, it seems that video processing failure is more likely to occur when VEAI is minimized/restored, and/or while other programs are running also (such as internet browsing and/or downloading files). And failures seem to be less likely to occur when no other (significant) programs are running, and possibly when VEAI is not (often) minimized/restored.

The failure to complete video processing occurs right at or near the end (about 99%) of the (re)encoding process, with no obvious sign of processing progress. I note that the directory where the processed video is stored contains two files. Both files have the same name, but one has the “.temp” extension to the file name. The other file has no temp extension.

The temp extension file seems to be the actual processed video which has a large size (in MB). The other file with no temp extension has zero size, for the moment!

After waiting for at least 5 minutes or so to see if anything further happens (nothing seems to be happening), I close VEAI. Then I note that the file with no temp extension now has a size of very roughly half the size of the temp extension file. Neither file can be opened in a video player/editor.

Summary. It seems that VEAI might be sensitive to other programs running at the same time as VEAI. And VEAI might not like being minimized/restored (too often)?

Anyone else noticed something like this?


I can’t speak on the behalf of others or on the behalf of the program, but for me personally in v3.x I don’t have more/less failures with or without background activities. I hardly have any failures as the matter of fact. and I watch Youtube in the mean time, read forums, even run a VM in the background sometimes.

Have you checked Task Manager or something like it to see if your storage drives are still busy? To me it sounds like you might have cut it off in the middle of something.

Thanks for the comments.

The video being processed by VEAI V 3.2.2 was completed successfully! And while the video was being processed I was browsing the internet also.

I did note that after processing reached around 99%, there was a delay of about 5 minutes or so before the process was actually completed. I did check the processing using Task Manager and noted that VEAI still seemed to be processing despite the progress indicator showing about 99%.

So, it now seems that VEAI is compiling the final output video from the file with the “.temp” extension. I also noted that an estimated time for processing completion was shown by VEAI after main video (re)encoding was supposedly finished.

In summary. It appears that I have to wait at least the amount of time indicated by VEAI for final compilation of the final output video after (re)encoding process has completed. And it seems VEAI may not be sensitive to other programs running concurrently, and not sensitive to VEAI being minimized and restored after all!