Problems with upscaling of cropped images in LrC that have the Adobe Monochrome Profile attached

When I crop an Image in LrC, attach the Adobe monochrome profile to it and then upscale it (with the Edit in Topaz Photo AI menu item) in Topaz Photo AI 3.04 (also happens in earlier versions), Topaz Photo AI returns an image to LrC that cannot be read and evokes the error “This file appears to be unsupported or damaged”.

The file is written to the hard disk and when I open it in photoshop the following error appears: “The embedded ICC profile cannot be used because the ICC profile is invalid. Ignoring the profile.”

Ignoring the profile leads to the upscaled monochrome image in photoshop with an untagged gray profile attached. Converting the untagged gray profile to Prophoto RGB leads to an image that can be read in LrC and represents the upscaled version of the original image.

Apparently, Topaz Photo AI returns to LrC a Tiff image with an untagged grey profile that cannot be handled by LrC instead of the profile (e.g. Prophoto RGB ) that was specified in the preferences of LrC for external file handling.

Correction of this error would be appreciated as it severely disrupts monochrome workflows.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Crop an image in LrC
  2. Apply “B&W”
  3. Invoke Topaz Photo AI with the Edit in Topaz Photo AI command
  4. Upscale image
  5. Return it to LrC
  6. Image cannot be read in LrC

Topaz Photo AI [3.04] on [Mac]