Problems with export attributes

I recently shot a vintage motorcycle festival with two cameras, one in 4K and the other in FHD.
I am learning more every day with Topaz, (I hope you listen to us and the program is multilingual).
I am amazed at the quality of the 4K conversion with Artemis High Quality.
But I have a big problem with the metadata of the video, when I make a single conversion or multiple at the same time, the final conversion in all of them is perfect, but the program changes the recording date of the original video to the export one. This is a big problem if you have more than one camera and want to sync by time in adobe premiere. It is simply impossible.
Imagine shooting a wedding and you have 100 clips that you need to sync to another camera’s time for editing. And the topaz clips have their real date changed to the current export date.
This is a real problem.
How can I tell topaz video not to change clip date and time?