Problems using Mask AI

Does any one here actually use mask AI every single day numerously to mask objects? If so, how are you using this? It is a serious question. I can not mask a bottle against a black background. I can do it in seconds with the marching ants in adobe but mask AI, nope. I can spend hours painting and I cannot get the selection I want.

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As someone looking for help why don’t you stop the unnecessary comments and post a link to the image containing the object you are trying to mask and someone will help you.

Many people, I included, have been using this product since its predecessor have have no issues.

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I honestly don’t feel like helping an obvious keyboard warrior who thinks it’s their prerogative to write sneering comments while asking for help. Thousands of us use Mask AI every day with excellent results, and most of us took the time and trouble to learn to use it properly by watching tutorials and You Tube posts. I’d therefore suggest that you go and do the same.

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I have no idea how. This program can not mask a simple picture. And i have watched videos

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What unneccessary comments

Hi Christoph.yorkshire,
AiDon is actually trying to help you. He asked you to post a link to the image you are trying to mask. There are several of us on this forum who would be willing to help also. But we all do need to see the image you are working on. Rather than just giving you a bunch of suggestions about how to handle various situations, it would be so much simpler to see your image and we can address that image specifically. We are looking forward to helping.


Assuming you’re talking about the same image you posted on the Facebook page some time back, you were told at that time what you had done wrong (advice which you failed to either acknowledge or thank people for - so it’s hardly surprising you’re not getting any more help – and which you subsequently just ignored). Having watched the video you posted and then removed from FB yesterday I can tell you where the problem is. You painted in blue exactly where you needed to - but then, for some inexplicable reason, you painted half of the blue area out with green. Why?

You’re welcome.

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Still dont work