Problems creating masks in Studio 2

I am new to Topaz products and to the forum.

I am trying to find the most efficient way of creating a mask in Studio 2. To try out the mask tool I used a very stark contrast JPG image with hard-edged squares and engaged the ‘Edge Aware’ setting when painting a mask. I couldn’t get the mask to have any edge awareness at all, even when being reasonably accurate with the brush. I have tried numerous times, but the mask turns out exactly as I have painted it, and has never complied to adjust itself even slightly to the most obvious possible edge. I have the Edge Aware button in the blue/on position.

So I decided to download a trial version of Mask AI, to use as a plugin in Studio 2. With a bit of tweaking I created a reasonably accurate mask which looked right when I applied it and returned to Studio 2. However, when I inverted the mask it became distorted, with blurry bleeding beyond the edges, this was before even trying to edit the image—i.e. the editing parameters/sliders were still at neutral. When I returned the mask back to its non-inverted mode, the edges of the mask cleaned up and looked fine again.

I have seen and followed video tutorials on these two masking tools, and these videos demonstrated positive results. I am wondering why I can’t get Studio 2 to be ‘Edge Aware, and why I can’t get Mask AI as a Studio 2 plugin to invert properly, without creating blotchy outlines?

As I have only downloaded these programs in the last week or two, they are the latest versions. I am using a brand new computer with good specs, a decent Graphics card and Processor, and with 16 gig RAM, running Windows 10.

Any suggestions?