Problem with noise in preview

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Image in Preview shows faces sharp and yet bodies with high level of noise…strange. It does not show up in final pic though.

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Hi Winston, in Topaz ai it shows a review screen (Picture attatched) Zoom in. the faces are clear, but the bodies when zooming in show Noise. After it is converted to a final jpeg it no longer shows the noise…only in preview. It’s never done this before. Strange. Can u help? -Bill

DxDiag.txt (86 KB)

@william.g.anderson Thanks for uploading the images.

This is most likely due to the age of the computer graphics card. Please use this link to update the drivers:

Also, is the original a film scan? The AI models are not trained on film scans so it may be sharpening what we consider noise.

Let me know if the update helps a bit.

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