Problem with Adjust 5?

Is there a problem with Adjust 5 exported from LR and then returned to LR?

Made a DNG file in LR from 2 JPGs as a panorama
EDIT in Adjust 5
The image is returned to LR but when you export the file out of LR it is totally blank except for the copyright which is applied in LR

BUT if you
Edit in Fusion Express 2
Select Adjust 4 as the process method
The image is returned to LR and is then sound when you export the file out of LR

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You may want to try v5.1 of Adjust rather than v5.2 … there seems to be a general problem with TIFFs.

thanks @AiDon
two thoughts —
— I don’t have that version
— I won’t export TIFFs until it’s fixed

Looks like the Tiff to Lightroom disease first reported for Studio is contagious and beginning to spread…

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You can download from here …

NOTE: Forgot to mention that you need to use Fusion Express again with v5.1 and I don’t have any problems with TIFFs & v5.1

thanks @AiDon - it’s a job for later!!!

edit - added later ---- I think a caveat should be added to the download page for such versions…
I now have version 5.1 which shows in the Fusion Express submenu
version 5.2 which shows in the main “Edit with” menu
and both versions run in co-existence