Problem opening a focus stacked image

I’m using photoshop to create a focus-stacked image, then I flatten the image and save it as a psd. When I open it in Topaz using File->plugin-extras, it opens the wrong image.

  1. in lightroom, open stack using “edit as layers in photoshop”
  2. align and stack images
  3. flatten image
  4. save as “p1415002-merged.psd”
  5. in lightroom, file->plugin-extras->process with topaz photo
  6. it opens p1392743.rw2

I’m pretty sure TPAI can’t open psd files. You have to create a tif to send to TPAI.

Is the wrong file one of the images used in the focus-stack?

No, the file it opened was not in the stack and seems to have been picked at random from the folder. Also no matter which image I open, it always open the same file.

Try saving it as a tif file. Then open in PAI.

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