Prob3,Auto shouldn't include settings relative to Auto without being displayed

First off: I’ve been using V2.3 for quite a while and, beside of many other new good things, I really appreciate that V4 writes VAI settings as metadata to the exported files.

I suspect this is bug:

After selecting a manual preset for Prob3 and switching to Prob3.Auto on the same clip, the manual settings carry over into the settings of Auto but the panel for manual settings is closed, i.e. the applied settings are hidden in the GUI and it creates something similar to Prob3.RelativeToAuto. Don’t know if the result is identical to Prob3.RelativeToAuto, but the settings are definitely effective. I detected the issue after wondering why a set of enhanced videos with Prob3.Auto looked very different from what I expected to see. The issue exists with files created via preview and export.

That’s what Mediainfo shows with my preset for Prob3.Manual.

Enhanced using prob-3; mode: manual; revert compression at 50; recover details at 25; sharpen at 25; reduce noise at 10; dehalo at 10; and anti-alias/deblur at -15. Changed resolution to 1920x1080

This is what it shows after switching to Prob3.Auto from the manual preset without changing the clip selection:

Enhanced using prob-3; mode: auto; revert compression at 50; recover details at 25; sharpen at 25; reduce noise at 10; dehalo at 10; and anti-alias/deblur at -15. Changed resolution to 1920x1080

This is what I would expect to see with Prob3.Auto.

Enhanced using prob-3; mode: auto; revert compression at 0; recover details at 0; sharpen at 0; reduce noise at 0; dehalo at 0; anti-alias/deblur at 0; and recover original detail at 20. Changed resolution to 1920x1080

Thanks for reading this.

I have noticed this bug as well.

Back on this with additional information.

Restoring a customized Proteus setup with manual parameters and switching to another model on the same clip afterwards doesn’t only pollute the Auto settings of Proteus, it affects also manual and automatic settings of other models, e.g. Iris and Nyx.

With a lot of good will that might be considered to be a feature with manual parameters, because they are visible in the GUI, but it is a no-go for parameters injected into Auto presets without showing them. From my point of view, this complex of issues reveals a major flaw in the way how internal data structures are defined and handled and needs to be fixed in short terms.

The issue persists with 4.1.

Dear developers, if this is a feature, could you tell what it is good for?

They need a total re-write of how they’re dealing with slider values. Each video needs it’s own set, and each model—down to each mode of the model—needs to store those slider values in unique places.
(And we need to be able to save and load projects.)
Acceptance Criteria:
After the user loads a video, they should be able to change sliders values on, for example, Proteus Relative to Auto, and the values should be unique to that mode and not migrate between mode and model changes.
The user should then be able to change to manual mode, and the sliders should change to their default values (Because none have been set yet at this point).
If they change the manual sliders values, then switch back to Relative to Auto, the previous values should be displayed that were set before changing to manual mode. And so on and so forth between all AI models and all modes for each of those models.
And all of those rules need to apply individually to each video opened in the TVAI session. So changing between videos should not migrate slider settings. (Of course the user should be able to copy and paste settings from one opened video to another or all selected.)

Sorry I’m not a Business Analyst, but sure loved it when I worked with one. A BA would write better AC than this.

Video editing SW does this by creating project files. You start a project, import source files, do your business, and when you exit save the project. You do have to manage an additional file along with your source/s, and preserve paths to the source/s, or the project won’t be able to find them when you reopen it later.

I’m basically doing that with my script. I define everything in a file, the script reads it and generates the commands then runs them.
It would be nice if everyone else could have that functionality though. My script is made with one enhancement realm in mind. DVD to FHD.

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