Pro Res instead of mp4

I bought my 3.02 version the other day and waiting to install because of all the issues I am seeing. Trying to get the best info right now. Would it work better to start with a pro res file and encode to a pro res file and not use or encode any mp4 files?

I find ProRes to be a great quality codec for working with videos. I doubt I would be able to notice any quality loss or artifacts that are purely from the codec. Mp4, with the encoding options available in TVAI on the other hand, I could probably tell the difference every time.
For your final file that you want to save and watch, mp4 encoded in some other software would be a good choice.

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One would think the whole purpose is to not introduce compression artifacts in software that is supposed to remove them.

I would definitely use ProRes 422 and output to ProRes 422. It is very standard in the industry.

Correct but wondering if Video Enhance would work better with pro res files instead of mp4. The new version isn’t working very well from what I can see. I haven’t installed yet. Bought the other day and waiting for the bug fixes.