Pro Pack Adjustment offer not in store

I can’t find the pro pack offer in the store. I wanted to catch up on the adjustments I don’t have. Did Topaz stop offering that product?

They don’t sell a pack any more. You have to buy the one you want by it self.

Thanks for the quick response. A shame, but I guess I’m done. The new adjustments are just not worth the asking price for me.

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Yes, if you want all of them it will cost a lot to get them. So the program with all plug ins it’s something I can’t have.

Please Note the Pro Pack is still available

Here is the link to the Pro Pack … its called the everything bundle and If you already own any of topaz products and you’re logged in, you will receive a special upgrade price for this bundle.

Sorry. Then why is so hard to find…

Google search … topaz labs pro pack

Topaz Holiday Sale …

Facebook …

Sorry Don, but the everything pack is not the Pro Pack. The everything pack contains all of the Topaz plugins, stand alone, and the pro adjustments. I’ve used Topaz for years and own all of the stand alone plugins I want. There are some plugins in this bundle that should have been retired years ago. I also have all the pro adjustments with the exception of AI Clear. But that by itself is not worth the price to me. Without the pro pack offer, I doubt I’ll be purchasing any more adjustments. Topaz Studio is not my main program and I will not pay for outdated plugins I have passed on for years.

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As previously, the Pro Pack contains everything on the Topaz Labs portfolio. Including Studio Adjustments and unconverted plugins.

I believe if you choose the Everything Pack it will give a special price to upgrade to AI Clear that will offer a discount over and above the discounted price. You just need to try to see what the price is as it is dependant on the number of items you already own and the items you need to update to the complete pack.

So those are not part of Studio but old ones before Studio, Right?

Hi Don, you do get a discounted price, but there does not seem to be anyway of removing those items that your don’t want. So even though it does contain pro pack filters, it also contains the other stand alone plugins that are not wanted, and the resizing program which I have no real use for. I usually print 20x30 or smaller. On the rare occasion I go larger, my camera can handle it with no problems. So to purchase this everything pack just does not make sense for me.

AI Clear by itself with the holiday discount is around $45 and for me, that is too much to spend on a filter that really does no more then I can do myself.

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Ask the company by raising a Help request through the link and sales & marketing will get back to you.

Nope it is all the products as it always has been. I think there is also a Studio only pack available through your account.

I thought I’d mention…You haven’t mentioned if you’ve installed Studio. Without spending a dime, all of the plug-ins currently owned that have not been updated to Studio are accessible under Studio’s Plug-Ins. Products that have been upgraded to Studio are listed as part of its main menu. The only new product not accessible through Studio at this time is Gigapixel, which is a standalone.