Previews are overwriting exported rendered files

I’m running v4.06 on the latest version of Windows 11 and I exported a 4K render to a new file. After viewing the exported rendered file, I thought I’d try some different settings and preview them. Unfortunately, my 15-second previews overwrote the original exported file using the same name. So I lost my original exported file to a 15-second preview. And not only that, if I try other settings, it again overwrites the last preview, so I can’t even compare previews.
That behaviour was unexpected, as it wasted a 16-minute render, and didn’t allow me to compare previews. The previews should not retain the name of the exported 4K file, let alone overwrite them.

true. it doesn´t even make sense… i do 1 run with let´s say nyx, let it render completely, then switch to iris for a 2nd run, and i MUST press export first, so it writes its own named file first, because otherwise any “preview”, no matter which settings, will overwrite the old export filename.

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This behaviour is still present in v4.08. I’m purposely duplicating files that I’ve processed before I run another enhancement preview, as a new preview will overwrite the first processed saved file. All the behaviours I described in my initial post still apply. Basically, it’s more practical to quit Topaz Video AI and start from scratch again with the new enhancement. That way, I can at least compare previews.

Yeah, I exported something for 90 minutes. Then I changed my settings and tried to preview…and lost the exported file. Preview should not be using the export path…

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I just had the same problem with newly installed latest update 4.1.0. I waited an hour and 13 minutes for it to render an export. I decided to try a different setting, set a short subset of the clip and clicked the preview button. The export I waited so long for is overwritten and I can’t see previews within Topaz since it just says “not processed”. This is terrible - please fix urgently.


Could I take a look at the app’s log files to see what is causing the error in Video AI?

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging and make sure that there is a check mark next to File Logging. Next, recreate the issue and then return to the Help menu and select > Get Logs for Support

You can securely submit your file(s) to our Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.

Submit to Dropbox

I just processed a small file. The product was “Hydro Dam_1_prob4_stab_chf3_stab - Copy_nyx2.mp4”. It was 45 seconds in length. I then set the recovered detail to 10 and then did a 10-second preview, which overwrote the original file. The file “Hydro Dam_1_prob4_stab_chf3_stab - Copy_nyx2.mp4” is now only 10-seconds long versus its original 45-seconds. The behaviour I described in the original post persists. I uploaded the log files you requested. I processed the file at 11:27 am MT.


On 4.0.9 I finished my video processing into the file with the default name. Then, I’ll try to preview 2s of the video with slightly modified settings (new Recover Detail option) and found out that this 2s of preview overwrote my wholly processed video without any warning. I’m upset with such behavior (to put it mildly) and need to redo the whole process (

Is it expected behavior that Preview rewrites existing files in Input folder (not some Temp dir)?

Have you changed any of the default directories in Preferences?


Nope. The only thing is that I’m using Export As, but this time I didn’t change anything for the output file (neither a filename nor a directory).

This seems to be a problem with Export As. Best bet is to let the app do default exports and move and/or rename files after they’re done.

I see. But it’s interesting how Export As could influence further Preview button behavior.

The team is looking into this issue and hoping to have an update soon.

Please fix this annoying bug. I have just lost a 6 hour render because of it and this is not the first time.


I just uploaded the log zip for you.

All I did was drop in the video file, select the first 1 second by moving the cursor then clicking the close bracket button, select stabilization and jittery motion, then export.
Then I added Artemis under enhancement, selected in → out on the preview pane, then clicked the preview button.
The calculated preview overwrote the exported file.
When I try to play the preview, the preview window says “Not processed”.

I hope that helps you to fix it.

Best regards,

Stephen Slater

I notice that 4.2 still has the issue where the preview will overwrite the render. Today, I forgot to move a six hour export and the new preview overwrote that file. This is very disappointing, as bugs like this really need to be fixed.


Bummer… I first reported this behaviour in Dec. '23, and it’s disappointing to see that it still hasn’t been fixed and is catching people out, some with longer renders.

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