Previewing models gets stuck in download loop

No matter which model I choose they all error out after trying to download and load models a bunch of times. Exporting works fine. It’s just preview that doesn’t work.

I load in a video. I select a place in my video to preview. Set my frame range (0.1s). I click preview and it just loops in the download and loading models phase.

I uninstalled and reinstalled and it still happens. This log is from after the re-installation (unless it included previous ones)

logsForSupport.tar.gz (569.0 KB)


Thanks for the log files. Does this same error occur when generating a longer preview? (1 second or more)

Yes, though oddly enough not at the default preview range that you can’t get after choosing a different preview length even if it is less than 1s

logs from choosing a non-default preview range 1s or longer → logs (250.8 KB)

Default preview range (0.966s) logs from successful previewslogs (281.0 KB)

Also, not sure if it’s related but it also only uses my CPU and not either of my GPUs. My gpus are both 2080ti’s with version 536.99 of the studio drivers.

Thanks so much for testing this out! Our dev team has a fix in place for this bug that should be going out in tomorrow’s beta/Tuesday’s release.

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