Previewing frame rate increase/slow motion

I might be confused, but it appears that previewing of Apollo/Chronos results is no longer working – at least, not like it used to.

I can open a video, select Apollo for e.g. 29.97 → 59.94 conversion or 2x slow, hit “Preview”, and step through the results frame by frame – but all the frames appear completely identical to the raw frames. In order to actually preview the interpolated frames, I have to export the video to disk (using the usual “Export” button), and view it in an external video editor. But perhaps I’m doing something wrong ?

Also, Topaz Video AI just finished a 5-hour export job for 29.97 → 59.94 conversion via Apollo, but did not appear to actually interpolate anything (the output video is identical to the source). It seems like Apollo ignores the frame rate setting when the output type is set to “Image Sequence”. But the “2x slow” mode appears to be working as a workaround (i.e., instead of exporting 29.97 → 59.94 to PNGs, I export at 29.97 but 2x slow, since mathematically it’s the same value).

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