Preview updates multiple times while still typing values

If you change a value in a numeric field, let’s say face recovery strength from 80 to 60, once you start typing (and have not yet lost focus of that field) the preview will start changing once you typed the first digit (in this example 6). So it will trigger the preview update twice for changing it to 60, once for 6 and then for 60.

It would be better, if the value of the databinding would only change after leaving the field (when it looses focus; either by leaving it with tab key, accepting the entry with ENTER or clicking something outside of it [other field / slider / any button in the UI / keyboard shortcut].

When moving sliders around, I think it’s ok that the preview updates instantly (even while still holding down the mouse button and not having released it yet). That gives the user a chance to see what it will look like while moving it around.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Open any image
  2. Change the value of any field and type slowly
  3. See the preview re-triggered for every digit change, even while still typing

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.5] on [Windows]

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Thanks for sharing this. For now this is expected behavior to save 1-2 keystrokes such as hitting Tab or Enter when manually since there is no significant cost to starting processing.

Is this causing any issues for you or is it simply a quality of life change?

Hello, thanks for the reply.
The behavior does cost time, for example I am using CPU processing one one machine and it is significant there. And of course it costs (processing) power, needlessly - since when you are still typing (and for example also deleting existing numbers or have miss-typed it auto-triggers the preview every digit).

As a software developer I understand what is behind it of course. You are simply using a databinding, both the numeric input and also the slider are directly bound to the property holding the value. That is the easiest approach in terms of programming of course.

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