Preview is slow when using the 4K 60fps preset on mp4 / m4v files

  1. Loading a .mp4 or m4v file, very small around 30mb, then generating a preview on the preset “upscale to 4K and convert to 60FPS”. When playback, the preview portion is slowed down and when the 2s are finished, it speeds up as if it were catching up to the real playback speed. this doesn’t happen on setting “Deinterlance and upscale to HD” for example where playback is fluid all the way through the 2s preview
  2. M2 Ultra MacBook Pro 16inch with 96G RAM.
  3. Your log files (Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support) (589.5 KB)
  4. Any screenshots as necessary

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Are you previewing inside the app directly? Also how long of a preview time did you set for the clip?

Yes im previewing in the app. Preview is default 2s. here’s a link to the video

Thanks for sharing that. What you are seeing is the end of the preview sample and the app returning to the unprocessed video. Playback in the app can be choppy or less than real-time time depending on the system and the AI models used. I would recommend right-clicking on the video window and choosing to open the preview in an external player to see the real-time playback speed.

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