Preview/export error - processing error

If you see a processing error appear when exporting or previewing your video (or an error that states FFmpeg error, one of the following is often the most likely cause;

  1. Not enough computer resources
  • Try lowering your memory usage to the lowest setting and enable Low Power Mode.
  • Set your Max Processes to 1
  1. System drivers are not up to date [Windows] or the Operating system may need to be updated
  • Be sure to check your computer manufacturer’s website for any possible driver updates.
  1. Other details to check;
  • Make sure that the Audio is set to Auto
  • Set your encoder to ProRes, Vp9. If this stabilizes the app, please contact our team at and we will send you a new build as it comes available to use the other encoder options.

If you’ve verified your drivers are up to date, please contact our support team and send over your logs.

Perhaps TVAI should provide to the user, in an easily readable and accessible way, the actual error output from ffmpeg if it failed to process. Surely this could help reduce support requests? Take the following example I recently experienced:

The processing error displayed by TVAI:

“Some parameter(s) may not be supported by the codec. Check FFmpeg command.”

Not particularly helpful. After running the CLI, here is the far more informative ffmpeg output that gave me the exact reason for the failure:

“truehd in MP4 support is experimental, add ‘-strict -2’ if you want to use it.”

That text IS also in the log file so could EASILY be presented to the user, thereby enabling them to possibly solve or work around the issue themselves without resorting to asking for support. Therefore saving time for both the user and Topaz. If the specific ffmpeg output is not helpful to the user, they can still ask for support.

In this example, although MP4 is my default output, it was so easy for me try MKV which worked fine.