Preview doesnt preview, plus more

when you spend a lot of time letting it render for a preview. you would expect when its done to show at normal speed that you have requested it as.

however no matter what version of the software you use, the preview is always the same, its always slow as if its still rendering.

however if you go to the rendered folder and play the file , it plays as expected in your own media player.

also, ive noticed for some reason your allowing each change in the setting to keep rendering, ie when you stop the preview and change the setting, down below it keeps previewing the previous one, even though you cant play back the completed render of the previews? and yet your preview renders get slower processing because your gpu etc is still hard at work

could you also put the preview window selection back up the top and in bigger size.

it would be nice to be able to see it rendering for a preview, but whilst you chnage the settings a bit to adjust whilst your watching.

could you also somehow not focus so much on eyes and teeth, as they always come out very odd

The preview in 2.6.4 was working flawlessly. The preview in 3.0.4 is garbage. The latter is not a particularly nice thing to say, but it really looks like no one tested it. My typical double-view pauses intermittently for like 6 seconds, then processes another batch. Best, found, is not to show VEAI at all (i.c, hide it behind, say, an Explorer window; then preview doesn’t negatively impact performance).

Nope, not mad or anything. :slight_smile: Not even upset (as it really doesn’t affect my workflow). But somethIng so basic as the preview windows should be working on a new release, IMHO.

ive also discovered that the whole preview mehtod , as in the user presses preview and normally the process would show straight away on the screen and you would have the option to choose how to view it ( which you cant do now until its done its preview) and to see the preview processing, you have to select the track for the image to appear, and sadly , it would randomly make ytou select the tab next to it for that visual to appear.

i think they need to slow down on all these extra features they have added and focus on making sure the original UI is spot on. as of right now, it feels and looks like they havent done a quality check, theres likely code that should be over here and not connected to this other bit over there.

and is it me thinking we had this option before, where you could split screen and change the settings on the right and you could instantly see what your working with. rather than having to do the settings, do a preview, choose the split screen as the preview is happening and if you need to change settings, you then need to stop processing, then go back to input to then do the setting. and if you dont do this, and you simply click on the settings to change it, the previous preview is still processing

and the other annoying thing.

ive just tried to render just the preview in 8k, and it simply didnt like it at all, ie it would playback only audio with green screen flickering. the media player would go nuts, or nothing would show.


so tonight i was trying to render from hd to 4k. using the gpu it will take around 14 days

so i thought ok, ill render this stage at its original resolution and do the 4k later, since i needed to deal with some deblurring etc.

so tried to do simple previews, to find it didnt do anything, no matter which setting i tried.

i went back to doing 4k, and surprisingly it produced the goods.

so im assuming this is a bug that needs dealing with along with the rest of the mess.

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