Preview Button Erroneously Locked When No Transform Settings Are Changed

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    If I generate a preview, for example “Preview (5 frames)”, the Preview button ghosts and becomes unavailable-- I understand the presumed logic here: “Why re-render when nothing has changed?”
    HOWEVER, I was pleased with the 5-frame result, so I just want to render a longer preview with the exact same settings. This, I can not do, because I can’t use the Preview button.

Random thought: If I try to re-render something exactly as I have rendered previously, treat it like an INSTANT result, and if I try to re-render the exact same thing, just switch me to the correct existing result, and take advantaged of the already-rendered frames if I generate a longer preview from it.

(I did do a search)
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Exactly. I have encountered this over and over and it should be corrected. There is no need to lock the button if I want to view a longer preview.