Presets in v3.3.8... Still not right!

  1. Why on Earth have you disabled the creation of new presets?
  2. Why, oh why, does renaming a preset overwrite the one that’s loaded?

Look, if I open a preset as a “starting point” I need to be able to “Save As” (a new name) to keep the original and the new modified version. It’s the scheme used in most software that I use on my PCs and probably in MACs too. Can you please make it so we can 1. Make new presets from existing ones, 2. Rename presets if we want to, 3. Have as many presets as we want? I know you can do it… Please do it as a matter of urgency! I need to use this fantastic software for all sorts of video and time is slipping away.

Yes, I agree. Every project is different and needs its own settings. Similarly, I want to be able to save the project itself that references the clips. This functionality was there in early versions.


Absolutely. I also don’t think it’s a good idea to have a “Delete” icon in the Presets dialogue. In fact it’s a terrible idea! These changes seem to have been made without considering the damage they can cause. Perhaps a “Backup All Presets” button could be added when this mess is sorted. Oh, and of course, we’ll need a way to import the backed up presets which will have unique names. Just sayin’ :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I agree: Urgency! This switching off the “Save as…” feature was an utterly annoying mistake. Grr…

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This will be fixed in today’s release :slight_smile:

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