[PRESETS] - Creating and saving custom presets

The results are good, without a doubt,but it’s annoying to do the same actions every tine. Switching the modes, pushing the sliders… It’s essentially to save settings, to create an own “default”, and to copy/paste settings from one pic to another.

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I quite agree.

I also agree, that would be very nice to have.
Such presets would also be great to have in order to use them in the CLI, see suggestion under Nr. 2:
Photo AI CLI - allow arguments to influence settings

By the way: a basic copy/paste functionality is already there. You can open multiple images and then apply the desired settings for the currently displayed image. Once you set-up everything as you like you can click on the 3 dots on the image thumbnail on the bottom of the GUI. And then select apply, current setting to all. And finally save all images. Be careful not to delete or add any images to the source folder (if that is also your target folder and you use a file prefix, like the default -topaz), or you will get file name problems (I’ve already submitted a bug for that).

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I completly agree. This could also be a walk around to my issue

I think, that if there were settings, like in this idea:
Additional preferences for autopilot
that would work for your situation.

This idea seems to be getting a lot of traction, I’ll pass it along to our Topaz Photo AI specialists to see if this has not already been considered for a future update :smiley:

YES! This. The ability to save user presets would be the icing on the cake for my workflow. 100%

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I agree. I’ve just spent 3 hours trying to get batch processing to apply my one single enhancement to every one of ten images. I haven’t been able to get the Apply->Apply settings to all to work. It would be immensely helpful to be able to define a preset and call it to process designated images (or all of them).

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Yup, we’ve been working on this! New functionality for presetting Autopilot and batch configurations coming in v2.0 on September 7.

Please update when that’s out and let us know what you think!

Thank you for good news.
Appreciate your work a lot.
Please make these presets exportable. and later loadable. Ideally as an option to be able export them automatically along with saved file for later reference.


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I’m frankly amazed this hasn’t been done. It’s literally possible to save everything you do as a preset in PS. Since it takes SO long with SO many iterations to land on what works, and digital cameras now shoot 40+ shots a second, so we have many files that all need identical processing, presets…yeah. Do it ASAP.

Edit…I’m actually in the middle of doing just this. I can write down the numbers on the sliders, but I have a computer now, I don’t write down numbers.

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Has this feature been released? And if so, how do we save the preset?



Making preset and save this one or many others for future usage will be great (I know you can choose apply to all)

Hello, welcome to the forums!
That idea was already posted and has a lot of votes. You can vote for it, too by going to the following page:

and clicking on VOTE count on the left top corner.

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Hello everyone, this feature is now in Topaz Photo AI v3.0.0. It’s a basic version of this feature and we are continuing to improve it over the next few releases!

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When I decided to use regularly Topaz Denoise, I found this software very efficient for my work.
However I submitted a whish that was really welcomed by your staff at that time: it was the ability for the user to save his own presets, i.e. to be reused for several selected photos among series without being obliged to remember (or write down) all the settings previously selected .
It would make the current editing much faster !
Thanks in advance for your kind reply !

Thanks for the idea and suggestion! I have moved this thread to our Ideas section so others may see it and vote for the idea as well.

Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your own idea :slight_smile:


I shoot roller derby, the auto option always over processes the images. is there a way to save process settings as a preset?

Setting presets is not something currently available in the app but because of the volume of requests we’ve received about it, it’s a feature that we’re looking into for the future.