Presetes created with 4.0.9 don't seem to work properly with 4.1.0

I saved a preset with V4.0.9, like so:

It worked as expected with V4.09. With V4.0.1 it restores some parameters, but not all. The settings for “Output Resolution” are missing.


Interestingly, when saving a new identical preset, it seems to work as expected.

I’m comparably new to VAI. Does the existence of this issue mean that I have to check all my presets for wrong or missing parameters with each minor update?

This is something the team is working on for future releases. They are hoping to have a preset migration function as several users have seen issues with their presets breaking and not working in v4.1.0

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Thank you for the feedback.

Saving and restoring resolutions with presets seems to work now as expected with V4.1.1.

Thanks a lot for fixing it so quickly.

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