Would be great to have presets so I do not have to enter exact same values every time I use Topaz AI, since my photos are theater, the Ai does not make perfect work all the time, I figured out to enter same values and all works just fine.

Thanks for the suggestion, I can see how having presets could save you time with your workflow. In the meantime, if you haven’t found this feature already, you can edit one image in the batch manually and then go to the Edit menu and hit “Apply Current Settings to All.” This will apply the settings from that image across the entire batch. We’re working on the functionality to select which images within that batch.

Beware that “Apply settings to all” will also copy over all values that Photo AI detected for the first image (to all other images), which is not a great help. See:

Since my images are all the same and the lightning, even the exposure is all the same, I do not use different settings for each one. So I process 40 images in a batch and it takes an eternity to process them, so presseting them will help to win a few minutes.