Preset scripts or recipe for faster processing

Absolutely love the software and would like to know or see if there is a way to use a ‘recipe’ from one image to the next without having to go through and setting the parameters for each picture? I don’t do much batch imaging but I’d like to have the ability to import an image and click one button to process the image like the one before it.

Right click the image Copy All settings to the other images does that but not as a saved recipe, you have to load all the images at once get one of them the setting you want then Copy All.

However if you want to do subset of settings (i.e. AI mode but not parameters) on subset of photos you would want to use the older tools that included a spreadsheet style UI for doing so.

If you want to do it from CLI you are SOL because all you can do is set the auto mode in GUI and the CLI will pick that up.

There have been a number of suggestions made in the idea forum for these features but they have yet to appear on public roadmaps or betas.

We will be working on features like this for batch processing in the near future.