Preset not saving all info after updates


Apologies if this is a re-post but I noticed since my last update, my presets are not how I originally saved them. Some of the models have changed to a different ones, and I know because I named them specifically to know which models they were using.

Also it might be helpful if there’s an easy way to edit a preset instead of always creating a new one if you want to make a small change.


Hi @davrob84 are you seeing the word modified after the preset name?

Is the difference you are seeing with the Proteus manual settings? If so, you switch to Manual instead of Auto and your settings will appear.

If different models, in general, are being shown and you have already updated to v3.2.6, please let me know.

Hi there

Yes different models show. So for example, I had a preset that I named Gaia60, because I set it to 60fps with the Gaia model, but with the most updated version, when I pull my preset its the proteus model that is there by default. There are little changes like this for all my presets.

Hope this helps…

That is very odd! Can you send me a screenshot and your logs?

Sure here’s a screenshots of my presets and my logs attached.

I notice it does say modified after I select my preset, but it shows that way whether I modified it or not. ANd the model is now showing Proteus instead of Gaia as it used to be.

2023-05-19-08-53-6-Main.tzlog (1000 KB)

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