Preset doesn’t save values for Custom Resolution (4.1.0)

When saving a preset with Custom Resolution, no individuell values are saved. Upon importing a video and selecting this preset, values for Custom Resolution are everytime the same as at Input Resolution. I expect the preset to keep these settings.

Running 4.1.0

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Can you share a screengrab of what you are seeing when setting a custom resolution and saving it as a preset? I just tested in my v4.1.0 and it held the resolution in the preset.

There has been an issue that the team is addressing in resolution and FPS being dropped from presets when doing bulk processing though.

I have been getting something similar. However, Ihave noticed that if I have the preview set to viewer 1 it saves the resolution, but set the preview to viewer 2 and it does not.
Other problems with presets have been that if I apply a preset to many clips it does not work, and a preset with Iris on interlace footage defaults to Proteus. I have tested on two different machines.

OK, here are the screenshots




I have now tried it once with Viewer1 and with Viewer2. Unfortunately, the result is the same and wrong for both.

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